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Rental Property September 3, 2018

Renters: Tips to Spruce Up Your Home

When you’re renting it can be hard to make your house feel like home. We’ve put together a bunch of rental home improvements that won’t break the bank (or your tenancy agreement!)

Potted plants

One area of your home which is relatively easy and cheap to upgrade is your garden. Give the deck or patio a good clean and clear those pesky weeds to give you a tidy canvas. You can then add your own touch with potted plants – think herbs for the kitchen, pansies for a little space, hydrangeas and dwarf lemon trees for something bigger. Pots can be expensive but there’s no need for brand new (try TradeMe or garage sales). Bonus that you can take them to your next rental.

Potted plants home

Removable storage and display

Storage and display cabinets don’t always need to be built-in! A simple bookcase can do wonders to a drab room, and a storage cupboard can allow you to remove clutter. Try Kmart or Bunnings for budget-friendly options.
Bookcase for home

Removable light covers

If you’ve got light fittings that look like they’ve been there since the ‘70s but aren’t quite retro-cool, it’s often easy to upgrade. If you have a light fitting where the shade is removable (rather than all in one piece) you can quickly bring your lights into 2018.
Lightshade for home

Fresh curtains

Curtains and blinds can make a big difference in a home. If yours are in need of an update, it’s possible to replace what’s there relatively cheaply. You can carefully store the existing, install the originals back before you move again. Meaning you can take your fresh modern curtains with you to the new house.

Get permission to paint the walls

There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint inside to transform a house. With a few tips (YouTube can be great) and some inexpensive equipment, you’ll be a pro in no time. You’ll need permission from the landlord but if you’re prepared to put in the work, some might offer to pay for the paint.

painting at home

Time for an upgrade?

Sometimes all the paint and plants just aren’t going to cut it. If you’re on the move, MoveSMART can help with the move-in costs like bond and rent in advance. Landlords will love you and if you move after a few years, you can use your bond to pay it back!