Moving Checklist
Moving April 26, 2019

On the move? Your rental moving checklist

You’ve found your new digs and been given the tick from the landlord. But if you’ve done it before, you’ll know there’s always plenty to think about when moving house. Other than planning the housewarming, what’s next on the agenda?

Get the paperwork done, quick smart

If you haven’t already, get the signed rental agreement back to the landlord or agent quickly. Most will accept a scanned copy via email, so this is most likely your fastest and easiest option.

Get your bond and advance rent paid

As well as your rental agreement, your new property usually won’t be guaranteed until your move in costs are all paid. Costs nearly always involve a bond and advance rent.

A bond is money paid as security by tenants when moving into a property. It can be up to the equivalent of 4 weeks rent. Assuming no damage is done to the property, and all rent is paid on time, tenants get their bond money refunded at the end of a tenancy. It’s important to remember it can take a little time until you have access to your band refund, so it’s possible you’ll need some extra funds to tide you over.

Rent in advance can be requested for up to 2 weeks rent. It will cover your first week or fortnight of the tenancy, depending on how much you paid. So, for example, if the tenancy starts 1st February and you have paid 2 weeks in advance, this covers your rent 1st – 14th February and next rent is due 15th February.

Looking for some help with your move-in costs? MoveSmart can get you sorted.

Get packing

If you’ve found the right rental property, moving can be an exciting part of your next chapter. There’s just a few not so exciting tasks to get through first, one being packing! It can be a mammoth job, often taking longer than expected, so it can be best to start early.  Check out our moving hacks to make things a little less painful.

Get sorted for moving day

If you’re doing a DIY move, you’ll need to ensure you book your moving truck or trailer in advance. It’s also a smart move to have quick and easy meals sorted in advance and arrange entertainment for the kids. It might be the perfect excuse for pizza! Otherwise, you can book a moving company to do all the heavy lifting for you – and even pay for it using MoveSmart. When applying, simply include this cost in your required funds – we can pay up to $1000 direct to a tenant for costs such as moving trucks.  

Get your cleaning gloves ready

Cleaning might be the worst part of moving house, but it’s usually necessary to get your full bond refunded. Some of the major clean might be best left until you’re all moved out, but it can be a good idea to get jobs such as cleaning windows done in advance. Make sure you’re stocked up on cleaning supplies to avoid last minute supermarket trips! If you can’t bear the thought of cleaning and you have some extra cash (or a MoveSmart loan) a professional cleaner can of course save you the stress.