Kondo-ing before moving house
Moving July 11, 2019

Moving? Time to get Kondo-ing

Moving house can be an exciting new step, but first you need to get through all that packing and moving! If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, or her de-cluttering philosophy, you might have been living under a rock (or perhaps a big pile of unnecessary stuff). Prior to a big house move is the perfect time to get Marie Kondo-ing, so we’ve got the run-down.

What exactly is Marie Kondo-ing?

Marie Kondo (otherwise known as Konmarie) is a Japanese organising consultant and author, whose de-cluttering philosophy became so famous she got her own Netflix show.

Marie Kondo-ing, or the KonMari method, is a a way of de-cluttering and organising. It involves gathering all your belongings and only holding on to the things that “spark joy”. It’s partly inspired by the Shinto religion, which is concerned with the energy of objects, rather than their monetary worth.

Where to start?

Like most things, the hardest part can be starting. The first step is about de-cluttering. Rather than going through the house finding items to get rid of, it’s about keeping only the items that you feel “spark joy”.

If you’ve attempted any form of de-clutter in the past, you might have sorted through by cupboard or room. Marie’s approach however sorts through items by category, all at once, in this order:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Documents
  • Miscellaneous items
  • Mementos

The approach involves getting out every object of each category in one big pile before sifting through (think of it as constructive mess!). According to Kondo, items which don’t spark joy when you touch them should be tossed.

Going forward

Now you’ve gotten rid of all that non-spark-joying stuff, you’ll need to know how to organise your new house. Kondo says “storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away”.

  • Store by category, ensuring items of the same categories aren’t kept throughout different rooms or cupboards
  • Store vertically – making sure nothing gets forgotten or lost at the back of a cupboard
  • Keep everything visible – Perspex boxes, open shelving and wire drawers mean we can easily access everything when we need it. The ‘KonMari fold’ (which has become insta-famous) also helps with this in drawers – instead of stacking clothes on top of each other, fold items to make a square shap, then into thirds, so they will stand up in a drawer.
  • Give everything a home – Kondo tells us “clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong”. This is especially important for those bits and bobs, like pens, hair ties, sewing kits and sticky tape. It can be a good idea to have a dedicated ‘bits and bobs’ box.

Most importantly, avoid buying the junk in the first place – ask if an item sparks joy BEFORE you buy it. Now you’ve got your belongings sorted, the second most painful part of a house move is usually the cost! With rent in advance, bond and other moving costs, expenses can quickly add up – which is where our MoveSmart loan can help! Sort your bond now, and pay it off over your tenancy. With 60 second decisions, we’ll have you moving quick smart.