Moving hacks
Moving August 14, 2018

Moving Hacks: Tips to Make your Move Easier

Wrapping, packing, lifting and cleaning – not exactly our idea of fun. And with all the upfront costs of moving, it’s not exactly cheap either.
We’re all about making your big move easier, here are our top moving hacks to ease the pain.

Wrap breakables in clothing, bedding or towels to save on bubble wrap
Bonus: it’s super quick and you’re packing the linen cupboard and kitchen at the same time. If it’s extra fragile, you can give extra padding with cushions.

Pack your glasses and stemware in clean socks!

Label your boxes by room
You’ll know where they go as soon as they arrive at your new house, so unpacking will be a breeze.

Put a cotton pad or ball in your powder make-up to prevent them from breaking
Also reduces chances of heart-break at the other end

Take a photo of how your electronics are connected so you can remember how and where all the wires go
Means no glitches when setting up that TV and pizza night you’ll deserve after a day of moving.

Packing plates upright, will make them less likely to break
You’ll need them for that pizza we talked about…

Make the most of laundry baskets, buckets, suitcases and chilly bins when packing
They’re perfect when you’ve run out of boxes, and make for efficient packing – two birds, one stone

Slide clothes on hanger directly into rubbish bags
They’ll be ready to go straight in the wardrobe at the new house, making things easy at both ends!

Need help with the expense of moving?
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