How to Secure the Perfect Rental
Rental Property September 3, 2018

How to Secure the Perfect Rental

It’s a jungle out there! The rental game is tough – and seems to only be getting harder. When it comes to securing the perfect property, every little bit helps. We’ve put together our top tips to help you put your best foot forward, and have the best chance of having your application given the green light.

Be speedy

Getting it all done quickly makes it super easy for the landlord or agent, making it super easy for them to accept you! Think of yourself in their shoes – they might get dozens (or hundreds) of applications – which means they’re not going to be likely to wait around before making a decision. It’s also important to sort out the finances quickly – you usually need to arrange bond, letting fee and rent in advance.

Complete that form

When filling out the application form, it’s worth taking the time to fill out every section in detail. It’s a competitive world out there, making it easy for the agent or landlord is likely to put you towards the top of the list. It also shows you’re keen and willing to take the time to ensure everything’s right.

Be extra!

If the application form doesn’t allow you to make it clear what an ideal tenant you are, don’t be shy to add extra pages to your application – references from employers or landlords, proof of any savings, an employment contract. It might give your application the necessary x-factor.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself (on Facebook)

Savvy property managers and landlords will be checking social media accounts for potential tenants. That photo from your cousin’s party back in 2011? Might be a good time to remove it!

Ask for feedback

If you’re not successful with your application, don’t be afraid to politely ask the agent or landlord why. It can’t hurt to take on board the feedback, making your next find a more likely success!

Have your finance sorted!

Once you’ve been offered the property (awesome!) there’s plenty of finances to work out, quick smart. We know moving can be expensive, which is where the MoveSmart package can help. Landlords love you because you’re ready to go with bond, rent and other moving costs.