Flatting and pizza sharing
Tenancy August 9, 2019

6 Golden Rules of Flatting

Flatting can be the time of your life, or it can leave us wondering why we ever moved out of Mum and Dad’s. It’s all parties and shared pizza until Harry forgets to pay the power bill (again). Whether you’re moving in with complete strangers, or you’re lucky enough to score a houseshare with old friends, there’s a few unwritten rules to abide by.


Think it’s your way or the highway? Unfortunately, a house share means you might not have it your way every time. A more considerate attitude will mean a more harmonious home – which is a win for everyone.


There’s no place like home… unless you’re coming home to a sink full of your flattie’s dishes and a dining table of lastnight’s beer bottles. As a general rule, your bedroom is your business, but always clean up after yourself in communal areas. And don’t shy away from the odd shower scrub, oven clean or floor mop.

Pay the money

You know how much rent to pay and when (we hope, anyway). You can have all the qualities of an ideal flattie, but it’s all wasted if you can’t be relied on to pay rent each week. If you’re flatting and after some help with a bond loan, MoveSmart can help. Tenants can apply individually for their portion of the bond, so you’ll know your finances are sorted.

Don’t forget to have fun

Cleaning rosters, flat admin and shared finances can all get a little dull. Make the most of flatting life and let loose every now and again. Arrange a Mexican themed night, a Sunday barbie, or just pop down to the local pub after work.

Pick your battles

In a house share, there’s bound to be times people get up your nose. Constant nagging isn’t likely to get you anywhere, so save it for when something is really worth saying. If any argument does get out of hand (we’ve all been there), hug it out and move on. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t let one dirty mug ruin a good friendship.

Choose the right crew

If you want to get on like a house on fire, you’ve got to find the right flatmates in the first place. You could be sharing a beachfront mansion, but it’s the people that really matter.
In 2019 it seems there’s an app for everything. Mogeo is the latest flatmate matching app, which provides a survey for potential flatties that will sort the compatible from the “don’t even think about it”.

Don’t hog the bathroom

If you’re sharing a bathroom, timing is everything. It doesn’t matter how much you’re enjoying that hot shower, or if you haven’t washed your hair all week, don’t overstay your timeslot.