Finding dream rental
Moving June 7, 2019

Finding your dream rental: our top tips

Where we live can have a big impact on our life, but we all know rent isn’t cheap. If you’re on the move, it’s worth making sure you get the right place. But the first step to moving into your dream rental is finding it! Whether you’re dreaming of a slick bachelor pad or a home to bring up your future All Blacks, we’ve got all the tips.    

Most rentals in New Zealand are advertised on TradeMe, so that’s definitely a good place to start. Next step is working out which properties will work for you, what’s a fair price to pay, and what to look for when inspecting a rental.  

Questions to ask yourself when on the rental hunt

What type of property would suit?
Apartment, townhouse, or stand-alone house? Each offers different advantages in terms of convenience, size, lifestyle, and costs.

What location?
It can be worth considering a few options to get the right place! Have a look at nearby amenities like shops or parks, and proximity to motorways and public transport.

What’s your budget?
Remember to consider move-in costs, and any related commuting costs

How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
You might consider compromising on factors such as location or outdoor space for more bedrooms.

Inspection checklist

When you’re inspecting a property, while you’re picturing your Sunday get togethers on the lawn, take note of these important factors:

Is there a heatpump or fireplace? Is the property insulated?
Is off-street or garage available, or is there ample off-street parking?
What’s included? What might you need to rent or buy which would add to your costs?
What would be your travel time to work, what’s the proximity to public transport or motorway?
Local amenities
Where are the nearest shops, supermarket, parks?
Is the property well maintained? Will you need to request any repairs before moving in, or make note of any current damage?

Getting a fair deal

Whichever property you end up calling home, chances are it isn’t cheap! Rental costs in New Zealand vs. income is particularly high, so it’s worth ensuring you’re getting a fair deal. You can compare prices similar properties in the area by doing a quick TradeMe search, or check out this Market Rent report for your area.

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