Borrow up to
$4,500 to make moving simple!

No early settlement fees.
No minimum term.
Agent or Private.

How much is your rent?

  • BOND$1,120
  • TOTAL = 1,722
With MoveSMART pay only
$17.64 / week

Accepted by all rental agencies

Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Estimated repayments are calculated over 3 years and include a $195 application fee. Maximum loan is $4,500.*Moving Costs are estimated, are paid to you directly, and can be used for anything (like furniture removal).

Bridging option. Use until Bond refunded. No penalty!

A great rate from 16.99% p.a. fixed for the term of the loan.

Unsecured with up to 3 years to pay.

Interest rates subject to profile and range from 16.99% to 24.99%. An application fee of $195 to $395 is added to the loan amount depending on loan size. Lending criteria applies. You need to know your new address before you apply.

Ready to move? You can be approved in 60 seconds.

  • Pay it back early with no penalty fees.
  • Need a little more money? Top-ups are available.
  • Have money available to fix any issues with your old rental – like steam cleaning the carpet.

Say yes to your new rental now.

MoveSMART will pay your Bond, advance rent and moving costs up to $4500. Furniture truck? Storage? The broken letter box? Sorted. With MoveSMART, moving just got easier.

Landlords love it.

Accepted for your new rental? Get approved for MoveSMART in 60 seconds! Send us a copy of your new Tenancy Agreement and we will pay your move-in costs directly.

  • Perfect option instead of savings
  • Cheaper than credit cards or personal loans
  • No minimum loan
  • Same day payments

Payments to suit.

Repay at any time with no early repayment fees or prepaid losses. To qualify for MoveSMART you need to be 22+, a Permanent Resident or NZ Citizen, working at least part-time, have valid photo ID, a reasonable credit rating and be able to afford the repayment.  Full details >

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  • Can I use MoveSMART for a private rental?

    Yes, either through a private landlord or Property Manager. We will pay the amount shown on the Tenancy Agreement direct to your landlord.

  • Who can apply?

    Provided you are over the age of 22, working, have acceptable credit and a Citizen or Permanent Resident of NZ then you may qualify for MoveSMART.

  • Where do you pay the money?

    For the bond, advance rent and letting fee (if any) we pay this directly to your landlord. For anything else we pay the money directly to you. Up to $1000 paid to you.

  • What are your interest rates and fees?

    The establishment fee ranges from $195 to $395 depending on the size of the loan. A one off PPSR check of $10.35 and a weekly administration fee of $2.00.

    There is not fee to make lump sum payments or to settle your loan early

    Interest rates range from 16.99% p.a. to 24.99% p.a. depending on your credit profile

  • Can I get pre-approved?

    You can complete the application, but we are unable to finalize your MoveSMART loan until we have a copy of your Tenancy Agreement or property acceptance letter. This is so we can determine your new rent and how much you need to borrow.

  • Do all tenants shown on the Tenancy Agreement need to be on the loan?

    Not at all, only one of you needs to be on the loan. However, that person is responsible for the loan repayments.

  • How does it work if a group of flatmates?

    The tenants that want to use MoveSMART can apply individually and will be responsible for their portion of the bond. It can also be a mix of some using MoveSMART and some paying cash. MoveSMART does not have to be used for the full bond.

  • Can I use MoveSMART if on WINZ

    Sorry, not at this time. MoveSMART is designed for tenants who have full-time or permanent part-time employment for more than 6 months.

  • Can I apply for MoveSMART if I have bad credit

    Your credit profile needs to be reasonable - a couple of paid glitches is still OK - Our system will let you know if approved in 60 seconds


100% Online.

  • 1

    Apply Online. It's 100% digital, and you can track your application 24/7.

  • 2

    Send us your Tenancy Agreement.This can be an email from your new landlord once you are approved for your new rental - showing us the move in costs and new address.

  • 3

    Sign your Loan Agreements. You can do this from any device, including your mobile.

  • 4

    We Transfer the Money. Bond and Advance Rent goes to your new landlord overnight and the balance is paid direct to you (if this is what you requested).


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MoveSMART is fast, easy finance for tenants who prefer not to use their savings to move house, or are waiting for their bond to be refunded. MoveSMART is the perfect bridging loan with competitive interest, no early settlement fees, no pre-paid losses and no minimum term.

For the Landlord, the only difference is that we pay the tenants move in costs directly to you. If there are multiple parties to the Tenancy Agreement, then this may be split into several deposits.

Simply send us your tenants Tenancy Application, ID, and Tenancy Agreement or property acceptance letter and we can have them approved smartly with funds paid to you overnight

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